The patented Volcano Intake Manifold System uses precisely curved Volcano inserts to help the air make the turn into the runners increasing air velocity and therefore power and torque in the process.


Eliminates the “Dead Air”

Single plane intake manifolds have been around for decades, and although designs have been improved upon, most single plane intake manifolds still have a spot of “dead air” in the center of the bottom of the plenum where the air turns to go into the runners below the carburetor or throttle body.  Anytime you have a dead spot, this creates an efficiency loss.  This is illustrated in this CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)  analysis  by the dark blue arrows right in the middle of the bottom of the plenum which are approaching zero ft/sec.



Increased Velocity

The Volcano system with its interchangeable curved shape helps the air make the near 90 degree turn into the runners with increased velocity and efficiency.  This system also slightly reduces plenum volume making the engine more responsive and increasing low end torque while simultaneously increasing velocity and smoothing airflow throughout the entire RPM range. 


With this slightly reduced plenum volume, with increased velocity and no sacrifice in peak manifold flow, the volcano system can increase power and torque throughout the entire RPM range.  Theoretically this system would help low end more as it slightly decreases plenum volume, however in real testing we haven’t yet found the upper limit of where it stops making more power, higher velocity is good no matter what the RPM as long as flow is not restricted, which it is not with the Volcano System.  Some higher RPM engines may prefer the shorter volcano insert, which is easily swappable at the track or nearly anywhere.     



Fast Installation

Installation is fast and easy and can be done in minutes even while at the track or on the dyno without removing the intake manifold from the engine.  Once the engine has the Volcano Manifolds patented system, components can be removed and installed from the top of the engine quickly by moving the carburetor or throttle body to gain access.  A USA made hex driver is included with every Volcano Manifolds system intake for safe easy turning of the lock screw.  

Simply Reliable

This simple system uses no moving parts and only uses robust polymer o-ring seals on machined surfaces for trouble free performance.  These components are extremely reliable and proven in thousands of applications.  The square profile fluoroelastomer o-ring is a standard seal similar to that of what is on oil filters and also helps keep the volcano insert tight and solidly mounted with no vibration issues.  The whole inert is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and then anodized to create more durable threads and a professional look.  




Volcano Systems have been tested in engines for over 3 years and are extremely safe because of the captured lock screw that can’t fall out.  The patented interface of the Volcano System uses threads for the lock screw that are tapped from the bottom, but not all the way through, this prevents the lock screw from  falling into the engine should it ever come loose.  This screw is dual purpose to both lock the insert so it won’t come lose and also align the insert with the intake runners.  The square profile o-ring seal is also the same type of seal used on millions of oil filters around the world, and also keeps the Volcano insert locked in place in addition to robustly sealing the Volcano insert to the intake manifold and prevent any vacuum or boost leaks.  

Made In USA

All parts are engineering, machined, and assembled in the USA for the top notch quality you desire.  All of the aluminum volcano parts are CNC machined in the USA from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized for more durable threads and a professional look.   The included hex driver is made by Eklind in the USA.  Intake manifolds are machined for the volcano intake system right here in Wisconsin using only high quality US made intake manifolds from high quality manufacturers.



Not only can the patented system be installed on nearly any aftermarket single plane intake manifold whether it be carburetor or EFI, it can also be used for almost any V8 or V6 engine from any manufacturer.  It can benefit everything from a bone stock V8 with aftermarket EFI as a daily driver to an all out race motor.  It can be used on almost any engine… AMC, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, etc.  It can work well on daily drivers, drag racing, autocross racing, pulling, off-roading, etc.  And more components should be available in the future as once you have the Volcano System in your intake manifolds the options are endless.