This is the place to see results from various engine combinations, we will add new results as they become available.


402 LS2 CARB


Testing the LS2 with a carburetor shows 19 lb-ft and 15 HP at 4200 RPM, averaging 13 lb-ft and 11 HP up to  5000 RPM, also with gains up to redline!

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Testing a 489 BBC with FAST high pressure EZ-EFI resulted in 10 HP and 9 lb-ft peak at the rear wheels through a 4WD 1 ton truck drivetrain! 

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402 LS2 MPFI


 Multi Port EFI testing shows 6 lb-ft and 5 HP at 4000 RPM using the volcano inserts, with gains across the entire RPM range.

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402 LS2 EFI w/N2O


We shoot a small ~100 shot of N20 on the 402 LS2, testing a wet EFI shot, pickup 152 hp, making 742 HP and 775 lb-ft on 93 octane pump gas!

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8.97 @ 151 MPH


This 3700 lb Buick Regal is in an 8 second ride with a small ~150 HP dry shot of N2O on 93 octane pump gas!

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8.93 @ 151 MPH

This 36 Ford Pick-Up with an iron headed 9:1 BBC  ran 8.939 @ 151 MPH on the first ever Volcano wet nitrous test pass!

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