Why should I buy the Volcano Manifolds System?

No one else offers this much versatility and adaptability with single plane intake manifolds.  All engines are different, and what works for one engine does not work for another.  This patented system is the only one that allows you to change your plenum volume and flow characteristics in about 5 minutes at the track or on the dyno to see what your vehicle and engine combination likes the best.  You may also be able to run a larger more powerful single plane intake for better top end power and get back some of the velocity and low end using the volcano inserts.  

For daily driver and street strip vehicles it can give you more throttle response and better driveability.  The increased air velocity and lower plenum volume offers more torque at the lower throttle positions that you use more often than simply going full throttle.   

We will always be gathering more data on what works and what doesn’t, but one of the benefits of this system is you can change it easily at any time, even adding wet or dry nitrous oxide to get the even flow distribution of a direct port system without all the cost and expense and having to change so many jets anytime you need a change in power.  It’s much simpler and there is no need to use “glue” to install them in the plenum floor and there is no need to remove the intake and cut up the valley pan to install nitrous.   Once you have the Volcano Manifolds System everything is installed from the top with the intake still on the engine.   

Will the Volcano Manifolds System work on my intake manifold?

Most likely yes, the Volcano Manifolds system works on nearly all single plane intake manifolds that use a traditional 4 barrel style top entry carburetor or throttle body opening.  The most common are the 4150(square bore) and 4500(Dominator) style manifolds, but it would also work if you have another 4 barrel style single plan intake such as the spread bore pattern.  It works great with both carburetors and EFI, including multiport and throttle body style fuel injection.  

There are some manifolds where the intake runner dividers protrude way into the center of the plenum, some of these may cost extra as they should be hand radiused where the divider needs machined to clear the OD of the volcano insert.  Currently all volcano inserts have an OD of 2.24″.  The cutter we use to machine the intakes is 2.25″ diameter.  If you prefer to save the money and do this yourself with the die grinder that is an option.  In the future we may offer CNC ported versions of some manifolds that would also take care of this.  

There are also some manifolds that have a very pointed upside down V shape at the plenum floor, some of these manifolds may not offer enough flat surface to seal the Volcano device to the plenum floor.  If demand is there for nitrous in these applications we may offer a smaller version for dry nitrous only for these applications in the future.  Please contact us if you would be interested in this.  

Do I have to buy a new intake or can I send my intake in for machining?

You can send your intake in for machining, this option is available on our webstore.    When we machine new intakes we cover some of the machining cost with the manifold sale profit.  So the machining cost is slightly more if you send us your manifold but still way less expensive than a new manifold if you already have one, especially if you have already done other work to it.  Typical turnaround time is about 3 business days on average from when we receive it to when we ship it back out.   

Do I have to send my intake in or can I machine it myself?

We don’t mind if you machine it yourself, we have the machining dimensions available should you want to tackle this.  Although I think you will find the price of a tap will not make it cost effective.  We need a large enough opening to clear nitrous fittings and we also need a fine thread so that there is a 1/2 turn window of aligning the volcano insert while still compressing the o-ring for sealing.  In addition to the  1-1/2 x 28 pitch tap and the 1.465+/-.002″ tap drill hole, there also needs to be a surface spot face machined between 1.9 and 2.25″ diameter, along with a small 1/8″ pilot hole only .030″ deep to align the insert with the runners and lock it in place.

Can I buy an intake with the volcano system and leave it be for now until I want to upgrade later?  

Yes, we can sell you a machined intake(or machine yours if you have it off for another reason) with a simple low profile plug in it that seals the interface hole.  When you are ready you can then upgrade at any time later without removing the intake from the engine.